Our Standard Warranty conditionally covers all of our products and services for defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year unless specified otherwise. If the product or service you received from Pro Exhaust is defective and is covered under our Standard Warranty, we will replace the product free of charge. Some of our product's manufacturers cover their part for longer periods, see Manufacturer Warranties below for more info.

The conditions of our warranty are as follows (for catalytic converters there are additional conditions, see Catalytic Converter Warranty below for more info), we will not warranty a product for damages caused by misuse, road hazards, broken motor mounts, broken hangers we did not install, failure of other components we did not install, request by customer to install products on a vehicle for which they were not designed, vehicle mods done after exhaust installation such as lowering kits, flood or fire or other acts of God, theft, collisions, or intentional damage.

In addition, if you supplied your own parts, our Standard Warranty does not cover them, see your supplier for warranty info in this case. For example, if you bought your own catalytic converter from the auto parts store, and you pay us to install it, if it fails you'll have to return it to the auto parts store for replacement, and pay to have it installed again.

Manufacturer Warranties

Some of our product's manufacturers offer longer warranties on their part than our Standard Warranty does. See the manufacturer's website for info on their warranty terms. If you bought the product from Pro Exhaust and we also installed it, it is defective, and the manufacturer's warranty is still in effect beyond our Standard Warranty... we will replace the product if we have it in stock, however you will have to pay for installation labor. If we do not stock the defective item in this case, we will return it to our warehouse for a replacement. Sometimes this can be done on the same day, but occasionally this can take 1-3 business days and on rare occasions up to 10 days.

Catalytic Converter Warranty

Catalytic Converters are covered under our Standard Warranty for defects in materials and workmanship, with the same conditions, as well as these additional conditions.

Originally, your catalytic converter failed likely due to one of the following problems:

1. Engine misfiring or needs tune up

2. Excess fuel entering exhaust

3. Oil or Antifreeze entering exhaust

4. Faulty O2 sensors

5. Broken exhaust hangers we did not install

6. Road damage or collisions

7. Flood or other water damage

If one of these problems exist that caused the catalytic converter to fail, simply replacing the catalytic converter will not fix the original problem. In these cases we cannot warranty the new replacement catalytic converter. If we notice a problem that likely contributed to your catalytic converter failing, we will notify you verbally to recommend what type of repairs are needed, as well as notate the problem on your invoice if you have us install a new catalytic converter. Note here that we recommend fixing the original problem prior to replacing the catalytic converter, so we can warranty it.

If we cannot tell what the root problem is, or the problem did not exist at the time the new catalytic converter was installed, see your regular mechanic for a full diagnostic.

Brand Name Products

We recommend and sell quality brand name products from the top-of-the-line major exhaust components down to the small nuts and bolts, and even the wire and gasses we use in our welder! Our suppliers serve up most big brands and great quality economical brands as well.

Here are some of the brands we sell regularly. For the full line sheet click this link

Cherry Bomb Corsa Davico Dorman Dynomax Flo Pro Flowmaster Hypertech IMCO K&N Magnaflow ROL Superchips Walker