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Thank you for visiting our website, here you will find information about our company, product lines, services, and policies. We proudly serve in Dickinson, Texas providing exhaust shop services to Galveston County and surrounding areas. You can contact us at 281-337-6200 during normal business hours M-F: 8a-6p CST and Sat: 9a-3p CST for information or free estimates, or come by and see us at the shop @ 3302 Hwy 3, Dickinson, TX. 77539.

Our Mission

Our slogan is "Powered by Quality" which we live and breathe daily. Your vehicle is as important to us as it is to you, so getting it right the first time is our goal on every job no matter how large or small. With our attention-to-detail, we may take a little longer to get it done, and we're not always the cheapest shop around, but we're hands-down the best in the area!


Pro Exhaust is a new company, starting late January 2012, however the history leading to it's birth is extensive. Richard (Rick) Wells, the current owner, was trained by the best. He worked for Gator Exhaust (Jul 09 - Jan 2012) and RT Exhaust (Jul 07 - Jul 09) which were both it's predecessors. Felix, Pro Exhaust's lead technician, worked for Gator and RT as well. Bill Kolacek, the owner of Gator Exhaust, also worked for RT Exhaust owned by Robert Cobb. Bill and Robert worked together previously at Advanced Muffler, and finally Felix and Bill worked for Mighty Muffler, owned by Larry Mann, for over 10 years. All in all the experience learned and practiced at Pro Exhaust goes back for 20+ years.

What we do

Pro Exhaust specializes in custom exhaust for antique vehicles, hot rods, street rods, muscle cars, off road vehicles, diesels, vehicles with suspension lift kits and lowering kits, and pickup trucks of all shapes and sizes. We're also experts in common exhaust repair and installations on virtually all makes and models of cars and trucks including mufflers, catalytic converters, exhaust kits, cat backs, turbo backs, duals, stainless steel tips, manual cut outs, flex pipes, gaskets, programmers and tuners, cold air intakes, headers, manifolds, and more.

We'll put exhaust on about anything, not just cars and trucks! We've also been known to customize exhaust or repair exhaust on RVs, Golf Carts, Buses, Tractors, large 2-axle Utility Trucks, Gas Generators, Motorcycles, Riding Mowers, and pretty much anything that needs exhaust. Most of the time projects like this require us to physically look at the vehicle or equipment in order to give you a Free Estimate, but you can call us at 281-337-6200 to set up a time to bring it by for us to check it out.


Brand Name Products

We recommend and sell quality brand name products from the top-of-the-line major exhaust components down to the small nuts and bolts, and even the wire and gasses we use in our welder! Our suppliers serve up most big brands and great quality economical brands as well.

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